Sunday, October 28, 2012


It is said that Duong Lam is hometown of 3 Kings. The citizens of this ancient town would be proud to tell you its history if you are keen enough to sit down and listen.

Our dear friends, should you pay this town a visit one day, there is particularly one house that serves the special dish 'Che lam'- sweet cake and very nice lunch you shouldn't miss. It's the house where we stopped by and took these amazing photos after such a lovely lunch!

West Lake

I don't really know where my love for cities that have lakes come from, but it's always a strong feeling.  I think most of my childhood spending time cycling by the lake surfaced by the mist to school in the early morning explains somehow.

When I crashed into my friend's appartment in Hanoi, I fell in luv right away with this scene out of the balcony and found myself waking up earlier than usual to enjoy the quietness that the sligh mist covered around the lake until the sound of people cycling/jogging/chatting drag me back to reality.

Monday, August 13, 2012

In the mood of Autumn

Summer is breathing its last breathes before autumn is going to claim his territory soon and we are the dreamcatchers in a mission to conquor our dreamland as always!

On the peaceful Sunday like today, fashion flows into us like a smoke of air, a breeze of wind and the light of sun. Away to dreamers, catching up a scene of autumn brings out an inspiring freedom and high spirited. We don't know where we stay, maybe somewhere over the rainbow. But at the very least, imagination is bounded on a strawberry smoothies of the last day of season. We sink deep into our mood and the land of Autumn-to-be.

Enjoy our comeback with outfits by Lilam Boutique and let La Vie En Rose carry you to your dream!

Au revoir.